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Enables you to have fun destroying the parasites that are killing Mother Earth in an entertaining, action packed, retro styled manner.

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Super Mega Worm is an entertaining game that comes with a retro design and an action packed gameplay, and gives you the chance to save the world.

The Super Mega Worm backstory is quite simple and comes with an interesting point of view: Mother Earth is suffering because of the Human parasites and you must help her get rid of them.

You play the role of Wojira, the Great Death Worm, and you must use your power to destroy both the humans and their robots. You are able to make your way through ground, but you can also fly in the sky and take down planes.

However, you start as an egg and you must hatch, grow and evolve in order to become the powerful weapon that Mother Earth needs to survive humanity.

The game comes with 24 challenging levels, 2 games modes, 3 super abilities, 2 control schemes, more than 20 items to collect, a beautiful soundtrack and amusing details. Moreover, you can play the game in window or full screen mode.

To sum up, Super Mega Worm is an action packed game that offers you the possibility to have fun destroying all you meet in your path.

Super Mega Worm was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on May 15th, 2014
Super Mega WormSuper Mega WormSuper Mega WormSuper Mega WormSuper Mega WormSuper Mega WormSuper Mega WormSuper Mega WormSuper Mega Worm

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