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A multiplayer shooter that involves car chases





Sub Rosa is an engaging, multiplayer based first person shooter that relies on car chases, double crosses and tense deals.

The game is based on rounds, once all items are put in a safe the round ends.


· F1 to toggle help
· WASD move
· Press Tab to toggle map
· Press E to enter/exit cars IMPORTANT: if you have an item equipped in the car you won't be able to drive
· Press Tilde (the squiggly thing next to 1) to drop the item you have equipped.
· Left-click to pick up items, shoot while a gun is equipped, or open/close the · briefcase.
· Press 1,2,3, or 4 to place the item you're holding in your inventory, press again to equip that item. If you have an open briefcase equipped 1-4 will place the inventory item in the briefcase or remove an item from the briefcase.
· Press T to talk with your own team
· Press Y to talk with team 1 or 2
· Press U to talk with team 2 or 3
· Hold Space while driving for E-brake
· Press Space when you're dead to switch the player you're observing
· Open UDP port 27584 if you want to host a server
· Press F5 on the server to restart the game
Last updated on May 23rd, 2013
Sub Rosa - screenshot #1Sub Rosa - screenshot #2Sub Rosa - screenshot #3Sub Rosa - screenshot #4

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