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Defeat the infamous Wolf, your mortal enemy that now seeks revenge by playing this interesting and engaging castle building game

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Strategy games are fun if you like to manage units and bases, but some of them can become quite frustrating when they increase in scale. Stronghold 3 is a game that will get you back to the middle ages, in a period when people rode horses, lived in or near castles and hygiene was a problem.

Stronghold 3 is the direct successor to Stronghold 1's story, since you will encounter the Wolf that has cheated death and became a lot more organized and twisted, seeking revenge for all the things you did to him.

Unlike the previous games, cutscenes are hand drawn and will tell the story in a unique manner. The graphics are top notch, but fans of the original, 2D games, will surely brag about the lack of control due to the large buildings and complicated interface.

Despite that, creating your own castle and managing the everyday life of medieval people has never been so fun. There are new, impressive buildings, lots of space for exploration and multiple expansion opportunities.

You can zoom in order to view units up close, or you can create your own walls. Add castle gates, explore the map, gather resources and place exorbitant taxes for your citizens. Stronghold 3 will provide you the ability to add all of these and more.

All in all, Stronghold 3 is the ultimate castle simulator. It's just a blast to play and will get you back to the medieval times, where your units need to defeat the incoming danger. I definitely recommend it, so download and play Stronghold 3 right now.

Stronghold 3 was reviewed by Alexandru Tanase
Last updated on September 20th, 2015
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