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An energetic dancing game based on the popular Dance Dance Revolution that lets users create their own steps with 3D graphics and dance pad support

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StepMania is an entertaining dancing engine and game in which players or dancers have to keep up to the music's rhythm with the help of their Mac’s keyboard or dance mats.

Simple, but possibly addictive gameplay, for some players

StepMania can become very addictive due to its simple gameplay, in which you must press the corresponding arrows on your keyboard at exact moments in time, or keep the rhythm by moving your feet on the dance mat.

Put simply, the score is calculated by the amount of accurate “shots” you obtain during a dance session. During play sessions, a set of arrows will slide upwards on your Mac’s screen, and you have to precisely press the corresponding buttons when the sliding arrows meet another set of stationary arrows.

You are ranked based on your reaction time performance with the help of letter grades, from F to AAAA, F being the worst and AAAA representing the best combo possible.

Comes with seven rewarding game modes and can be played both in single and in multiplayer mode

StepMania can become even more fun in multiplayer mode; just imagine the energy in a room full of people dancing on their dance mats.

Furthermore, StepMania features several game modes: Pump it up mode, Dance Dance Revolution, or keyboard 7, 2P Rave, Extended, Oni, or Endless, each designed to be played either on a keyboard, or with the help of a dance mat.

The 2P Rave mode is interesting as it gets in the way of the best player out of the two to help the weaker player, Extended mode is a mode in which four music files are played one after another and the score is accumulated, in Oni mode four tracks from the same artist are played and the game is lost if you miss 4 arrows, while in the Endless all the music from a specific folder is played.

A very popular game that is simple to play and hard (not) to like

Adding to its popularity is the fact that StepMania is available on most operating systems like Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and has also been ported to the Xbox console, as well as to several mobile platforms.

Taking all things into consideration, StepMania is an engaging and fun game, that will test your ability to get in to the groove, as well as your reaction times, and, if played by many people, it has the potential to transform a boring party into something worth remembering.

StepMania was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on June 22nd, 2015
StepMania - From the main menu you can start a new game, access the jukebox and open game options.StepMania - screenshot #2StepMania - screenshot #3StepMania - Your objective in this game is to time the arrows wisely in order to grab a high score.StepMania - Once you finish a level you can study your score as well as visualize a graph of your performance.

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