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An entertaining and engaging motion picture game in which you can engage in fights against various skilled characters in order to complete the game

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Stay Dead is a fast paced action game that enables you to experience the real time interaction in a movie-like fighting game.

By playing Stay Dead, you will be able to star in an action movie and fight against various enemies in a new game genre called Motion Picture games. Motion Pictures games are the result of a fusion between movies and video games that features the sound and graphic quality of a movie and the interaction and experience of an absorbing video game.

Stay Dead allows you to control your character and perform more than 180 different combos across five challenging stages. Each new level puts you against a martial art master ready to take you down the minute the fight starts. You will be able to fight with your bare hands or using a stick.

Your character is capable to perform all the classic moves from fighting games as well as other amazing stunts that will knock out your opponents. The on-screen game controls allow you to control your hero in real time.

You can inflict damage with simple attacks or deadly combos that can knock your enemy off his feet. However, you also have to know when to defend yourself and avoid deadly punches and hits. Timing is essential and if you fail to press the correct keys at the right time you will fail to defend yourself or attack your opponent in the most effective way.

Stay Dead provides an in-game tutorial that enables you to learn how to control your personage while the game’s HUD helps you keep track of rounds. At the beginning  of each level you can choose the desired strategy. To win a match you have to remove at leas 10 points from your opponents energy bar.

In conclusion, Stay Dead is a new type of action game that promises to offer a more realistic gaming experience.

Stay Dead was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on January 22nd, 2014
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