StarMade 0.1885

3D sandbox-like and Minecraft inspired space shooter game in which you have to destroy all your enemies in multiplayer mode and explore the surrounding space around you

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What's new in StarMade 0.1885:

  • Fix for servers freezing up (clients can't connect but the server will not hard crash).
  • It also contains a few other fixes like asteroids turning brown after revisiting a sector. All asteroids that were affected by it will turn back retroactively, as long as they have not been moved or edited.
  • Some GUI fixes are also done like new sliders with better usability as you can now click in the lane and new progress bars, as well as some smaller functionality fixes.
  • Oh and one bigger thing is that you can now switch to chests or factories from the inside of your ship/build block. The new option "cargo" is in the ship/station dropdown on the top task bar. You can also access all the named inventories from any chest from the panel's dropdown in the top right. You first have to rename at least one chest/factory though which can be done from within the inventory panel. You can name up to 16 inventories per structure for the moment, but it is going to maybe get raised depending on its data usage on servers.
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Robin Promesberger
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4 StarMade Screenshots:
StarMade - Your objective is to explore the space and kill any opponents that come in your way.StarMade - You can check ship information as well as other important data from the main game interface.StarMade - The game allows you to create and customize your own ship, the way you seem fit.StarMade
StarMade is a 3D sandbox-like and Minecraft inspired space shooter game in which you have to destroy all your enemies in multiplayer mode and explore the surrounding space around you

Besides having to destroy all your enemies in order to win, in StarMade you will also have the option to just infiltrate their ships.

Allows you to build custom ships using scrap materials from enemies and provides you with a wide array of space ships and weapons

StarMade comes bundled with a vast arsenal of destructive weapons such as lasers, explosive shells that will automatically blow up on impact and all sorts of missiles designed to act like normal projectiles, heat seeking ones and target hunters.

In StarMade, you will be able to design and build your own space ship or space station, as complex as your amount of funds allow you to. If you don't have enough credits to upgrade your ship, StarMade allows you to salvage your enemies' ships in order to gain a limited amount money to make it easier for you on the long run.

State-of-the-art physics engine

Moreover, StarMade also features a fully integrated modern physics engine designed to simulate reality-like box-on-box collisions, that make the surrounding world even more enthralling.

One other element meant to make the gameplay in StarMade even more addictive and engaging is the stealth technology that will enable players to use their spaceship's radar jamming capabilities as well as various styles of cloaking modules for a quick and surprising attack on their unsuspecting enemies.

On top of all that, in StarMade you can design and your own custom weapons and weapon modules for both spaceships and space stations, as well as a prodigious number of shields, docking assemblies and all sorts of harvesting machines.

Java based multi-platform support

Last, but not least, because the StarMade game is developed from the grounds up using the Java programming language, it can be played on all operating systems that come with built-in support for the Java runtime (i.e. Mac OS X, Windows, Linux).

StarMade was reviewed by , last updated on February 9th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X (-)

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