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An engaging and innovative puzzle game where the goal is to splice cells in order to create various unique chemical structures

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Splice is a unique, award-winning puzzle game about re-engineering the DNA of curious little cells and combining them to form different shapes.

Splice takes you to into the minuscule microbial world dominated by artistic visuals effects. Your goal is to splice cells in order to create a target structure using a restricted number of moves.

Furthermore, in each level, also called “strand”, you must create different structures. Using your imagination and creative thinking, you need to determine how the cells interact with each other and how it’s best to manipulate them.

The gameplay also consists of guessing the sequence of splices you need to make to arrange strands the way they were originally designed.

Solving a strand gives you a sense of self-satisfaction by completing difficult puzzles which require mental concentration.

Splice provides a refreshing puzzle experience that helps you train your brain to visualize and combine shapes in your mind.

The graphics of Splice are nothing extraordinary, but they’re pretty enough for a casual indie game. The audio effects also come hand-in-hand with the unique atmosphere.

Splice : Tree of Life was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on November 7th, 2013
Splice : Tree of LifeSplice : Tree of LifeSplice : Tree of LifeSplice : Tree of LifeSplice : Tree of Life

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