SparkChess for Mac8.2.0

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OS X chess game that comes with a stylish design, beautiful graphics, numerous tutoring facilities and allows you to play against the computer

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SparkChess is a beautiful chess game that offers you the possibility to play against a friend or against the computer. In addition, SparkChess highlights the possible moves for the current piece, which makes it a great tutorial tool for players that have just started learning the rules.

Beautiful chess game featuring a stylish design

The SparkChess game comes with a dark theme, various 2D or 3D game boards, and beautiful chess pieces that create a relaxed playing environment. Besides the computer opponents, you can also measure your skills with other players all over the world thanks to the multiplayer function.

For the latter, you must create an online account and SparkChess provides a built-in chat that will help you communicate with others. All in all, finding your way around the SparkChess game proves to be fairly intuitive.

Learn chess and improve your skills by playing at a high difficulty level

SparkChess comes with 5 different computer players featuring different skills and styles: each character has a short description so you can choose the one that best suits your level, or the time span you have available.

The best part is that SparkChess highlights the possible moves for the currently selected chess piece, and can also indicate the pieces that are endangered by certain moves, which is great if you just started learning how to play. Moreover, SparkChess also offers you the possibility to share your score on Facebook and share your achievements with your friends.

Entertaining chess game that can help you learn how to play, and to connect with other enthusiasts all over the world

SparkChess is a great game to have around both for experienced players, and for novices that just want to improve their skills. For your convenience, on the developer’s website, you have the option to play the game in the browser, and check for yourself if it is a good match.

SparkChess was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on May 28th, 2015
SparkChess - Before you get started you have to choose a profile.SparkChess - The default interface of the game.SparkChess - The chess game can also be played in 2D mode.

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