SparkChess 4.9.4

A fast and fun chess game with great graphics and many tutoring facilities
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SparkChess is developed with Adobe AIR and it is ideal for learning and practicing chess.

SparkChess does not require wi-fi; it has its own AI engine with three difficulty levels (Beginner to Advanced).

SparkChess has gorgeous 3D graphics, a Board Editor with FEN string support, replay, visual aids, move suggestions, board analysis and more.

You can also play SparkChess in 2D Mode. If you are more comfortable with a "traditional" representation of the board, you can switch to the 2D Mode. This mode is also useful when you want a clearer, clear view.

Main features:

  • Guru mode:
  • in addition to the three difficulty levels present in the online version, SparkChess has a "Guru" mode that plays slower but much stronger
  • Visual Aids:
  • A great tutoring feature, highlighting the pieces you can move or under attack and whether or not you can capture an enemy piece.
  • This is very useful when you feel you can miss possible moves and it also helps you take advantage of opportunities you may overlook otherwise. The last move is also shown with an arrow.
  • Help me move:
  • Gives you handy hints if you don;t know what to do. You decide if you actually want to do the suggested move or not. The suggestion is given in plain English, with a nice visual arrow and can be a powerful aid.
  • Board Analysis:
  • Shows how the Board is controlled, in shades of blue, red and purple, helping you in the strategic assessment and positioning. Advance pieces to neutral areas; see where are the enemy's strongholds; lure your opponent away to weaken its position.
  • Board Editor:
  • A very powerful feature that allows you to build your own game and recreate famous positions. What's more, you can import and export the Board in FEN format.
  • Replay Mode:
  • Allows you to move back and forth through a game using a standard VCR-like interface. At any time you can 'eject' and start playing from that position. Moreover, comments such as game openings are displayed
  • PGN Support:
  • Coupled with the Replay Mode, the Import/Export feature lets you copy&paste games in PGN format. This way you can study famous games with comments and annotations and you can take over at any time.

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3 Screenshots
SparkChess - The default interface of the game.SparkChess - The chess game can also be played in 2D mode.

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