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Engage in epic battles against various from all corners of the world and dominate the map along with your friends in this addictive speed MOBA game

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Solstice Arena is an enthralling and engaging Multiplayer Online Battle Arena that enables you to engage in fast-paced 3 players vs. 3 players battles on a map that will test your gaming skills and fighting tactics.

Your main objective in Solstice Arena is to form alliances with other players and use your and your teammates’ heroes abilities in order to take over the map and destroy the enemy base as fast as you can.

There are a total of three game modes for both newcomers and experienced players. Hence, you have the Solo game mode in which you have to battle against bots with your own AI allies, the Co-op game mode that allows you to team up with other players and fight together against challenging bots and the PVP game mode that enables you to fight with your friends against three skilled players from all over the world.

Solstice Arena uses an advanced matchmaking and queue system that groups players in teams based on their level, skill and hero ability. However, you can invite your own friends to play and check who’s online at all times.

A match lasts between five and twelve minutes, fact that makes Solstice Arena a “Speed MOBA” that you can play during your work breaks or in your free time. The best thing about Solstice Arena is that you can customize your heroes according to your play style and preferences. You can choose between over 10 heroes that you can customize and upgrade using different paths.

Each hero comes with a set of abilities and skills that you can learn how to use in order to inflict damage and kill your opponents. Solstice Arena’s in-game display helps you view your hero’s stats along with the condition of your and your enemy’s base.

Solstice Arena also offers intuitive game controls, stunning graphics, immersive sound effects, an Item shop and numerous items that you can purchase in order to improve your hero’s stats.

If you like multiplayer online battle arena games and Dota-like gameplay but you don’t have time for lengthy matches, then Solstice Arena is the game for you.
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Last updated on January 29th, 2014

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Solstice Arena - In your battles against opposing team you can use your hero's abilities to kill enemies.Solstice ArenaSolstice ArenaSolstice ArenaSolstice Arena - The Item Shop helps you purchase various relics that can increase your hero's skills and abilities.Solstice ArenaSolstice ArenaSolstice ArenaSolstice Arena - Your purpose in Solstice Arena is to fight along with your friends against skilled players to dominate the map.

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