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Entertaining and absorbing Klondike Solitaire game with customizable card back and drawing rules, as well as high score rankings

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Solitaire XL is a straightforward single player tabletop game in which you have to handle a deck of cards and sort them following the game rules.

A fun and engaging cards game for your free time

Solitaire XL comes with a well-designed interface that features a transparent background, as well as  smooth card animations that you can enjoy as you turn and move cards around. Your main objective is to build up four different suit stacks starting with aces and finishing with the kings.

The tricky part is to make sure that all your cards are in ascending order and the colors of the cards alternate between black and red. You start with four empty card slots and a deck of cards that you can find tin the top left corner of Solitaire XL’s main window.

Quickly build your suite stacks and grab a high score

As expected, only the kings can be placed in the empty column stacks and you have to built your suite in descending order before building the final suite stacks. You can use cards from the deck along with the cards already placed on the table to build your suit or column.

When your deck is empty, you can start over and flip cards from the beginning until you run out of cards or no more moves are possible. By accessing Solitaire XL’s Preferences window you can change the rules of the game and draw one or three cards with every turn.

Change the game rules and personalize Solitaire XL’s looks

At the same time, you can adjust the animation speed, use a solid background, enable scoring, provide a High Score nickname and even change the image or pattern on the back of the cards with your own picture.

Thanks to the Edit menu, you can undo your last moves, while the Game menu helps you start a new game restart the current deal and finish the game. Furthermore, you can access the High Scores window and check your position in the rankings. Unfortunately, Solitaire XL is no longer maintained, its home page is offline and, as a result, you no longer have the possibility to access the High Scores window.

Solitaire XL was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 21st, 2014
Solitaire XL - The main window where you can arrange the cads.Solitaire XL - screenshot #2Solitaire XL - The Preferences window where you can set the animation speed.

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