Sky Gamblers - Storm Raiders for Mac1.4.0

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A fast-paced and immersive air combat simulator that takes you back to the Second World War and enables you to experience the war

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Travel back in time, jump in the middle of the Second World War frenzy and prove your air combat abilities as you pilot iconic fighter aircrafts.

Sky Gamblers - Storm Raiders enables you to engage in dreadful dogfights, fly over various environments and in different weather conditions, defend fleets and cities, bomb enemy bases and buildings. You can explore accurately recreated real locations which became the battlefield in the WWII. Such places include the Coast of Dover, Midway, Pearl Harbor, parts of France, Germany and more.

Sky Gamblers - Storm Raiders features high quality graphics, special effects, audio effects and visuals such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) renderings, bump mapping, high definition textures, atmospheric scattering, sun glare, volumetric clouds and realistic lightning, radial blur, refractive raindrops, heat haze, God rays, 4x anisotropic filtering and more.

You will have to learn how to take off and land on carriers and short landing strips. What is more, you can fly in and over fully recreated cities with realistically simulated weather conditions and authentic atmospheric scattering. In addition, you can enjoy the highly detailed planes along with their interactive cockpits and change your viewing angle using the aerial cam.

The game play is immersive and engaging with Second Word War planes that will progressively shred into pieces after getting hit. You can even play online and compete against your friends or cooperate in various game modes like Survival, Free Flight, Last Man Standing, Team Match, Assault and Capture the Flag. You also play with iOS players via WiFi networks.

Moreover, the iCloud integration allows you to share your progress on all your devices and experience the game using different controls. Conquer the Game Center leaderboards, challenge other players and unlock achievements.

In conclusion, Sky Gamblers - Storm Raiders is an absorbing and challenging air combat simulator designed to offer hours of fun and excitement as you try to defeat the enemy and end the war.

Sky Gamblers - Storm Raiders was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 12th, 2014
Sky Gamblers - Storm Raiders - You will fly in fully recreated cities with realistic weather and highly detailed planes with interactive cockpits.Sky Gamblers - Storm Raiders - In Sky Gamblers - Storm Raiders you have to protect cities and fleets, bomb enemy structures and even fly through tunnels.Sky Gamblers - Storm Raiders - screenshot #3Sky Gamblers - Storm Raiders - screenshot #4Sky Gamblers - Storm Raiders - screenshot #5

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