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A pixel-based and easy to use skin editor that enables you to put your creativity to work for customizing a Minecraft character's skin

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Minecraft is one the most popular games in the history of our planet because it enabled players to create almost anything using textured cubes in a pixelated 3D virtual environment.

Other facts that contributed to its immense popularity are its multiple game modes (i.e. survival modes, creative modes, and an adventure mode), as well as its in-game activities like exploring, crafting, gathering of resources, and of course, fighting.

Enables you to create custom looks for Minecraft characters

Despite the fact that Minecraft offers a you the tools you need to customize the way buildings look, you are allowed to perform only superficial changes to characters within the game.

SkinEdit is a specially designed tool for Minecraft, which enables you to build custom skins with the help of a forthright, pixel based, and simple skin editor. Essentially, SkinEdit creates 64x32 pixel wide PNG images with the exact dimensions of a Minecraft character.

Probably the simplest Minecraft skin editor in the world

Getting to grips with SkinEdit doesn’t require any special skills and the whole process is made easy with the help of labeled skin blocks. You can easily design new looks for you characters using the special paint tools and the wide palette of colors available.

To help you achieve good enough results for your characters, SkinEdit comes with various simple, yet efficient, tools like the Eraser, the Line, the Pen, the Shade Tool (for dodging and burning colors), the Color Picker, and the Flood filler.

Preview your newly customized character in real time

SkinEdit also features an animated preview panel, found on the bottom right part of the main window, that enables you to see the results in real time.

Taking all things into consideration, SkinEdit is an easy to use and efficient Minecraft character skin editor, that will add a touch of personality to characters in Minecraft, thus making the whole gaming experience even more appealing for the game’s fans from all over the world.

SkinEdit was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on December 21st, 2014
SkinEdit - From the app's main window, you can choose colors and use the set of specialized tools to draw your new character's looks with the help of labeled blocksSkinEdit - The settings menu enables you to change the background color for the 3D preview panel and to load a background image from your Mac's hard-driveSkinEdit - Using the Tool settings button, you can can precisely adjust the selected tool's footprint size on the labeled blocksSkinEdit - screenshot #4SkinEdit - screenshot #5SkinEdit - screenshot #6SkinEdit - screenshot #7

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