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Choose your side, make the right calls and prove your gaming skills in this engaging turn-based Role-Play-Game that takes you to a world filled with dangerous creatures

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Siralim is a fun, engaging and addictive RPG in which you have to explore and discover numerous randomly generated worlds in order to complete your quests.

Find your way to victory and prosperity through world filled with enemies

The king of Siralim and the father of your hero, recently passed away and it is know your mission to follow in his footsteps and lead the kingdom of Siralim.

However, with great power comes great responsibilities and it is you duty to provide for the kingdom’s inhabitants, prepare and train a powerful army of creatures and defend your castle.

The fun part in Siralim is that you will never encounter two similar dungeons and, each dungeon comes with its own “biome” that has a great impact on its appearance and layout. There are a total of eight biomes that you can unlock and discover, including fiery volcanos, calm grasslands and whimsical towers of sorcery.

New dungeons can bring new opportunities as well as new threats

Every new dungeon you discover brings new randomly generated quests that you need to complete in order to earn the treasure.

What is more, your hero has the ability to summon hundreds of creatures that will fight by your side. It is worth mentioning that each creature has its own set of skills that you need to consider while playing.

Some creatures can offer you an advantage in your battles, while others can help you explore dungeons more easier. The number of creatures you can summon is limited to six and, as a result, you have to carefully complement the skills of your creatures in order to survive.

Strategically plan your battles based on your creatures’ skills

Your battles are fought by your creatures in turn-based fights that will require careful planning if you wish to ensure your victory. The great advantage in Siralim is that you can view your enemies approaching and choose to avoid or engage into a battle.

Moreover, Siralim allows you to craft and customize your equipment and gives you the option to upgrade and manage your kingdom based on your own rules.

Siralim was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on April 21st, 2015
Siralim - Summon and take control of powerful creatures in your battle for victory.Siralim - Choose the right action your battles against other creatures and consider all available options.Siralim - Check your creature's stats and equip them with powerful artifacts to gain an advantage over your enemies.Siralim - screenshot #4Siralim - screenshot #5Siralim - screenshot #6

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