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An indie puzzle game where you must grab the treasure and save the villagers by carefully aiming projectiles at enemies as strategically as possible

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Siege Hero HD is a fun slingshot aiming puzzle game where the goal is to nuke your enemies in different ages. Furthermore, you must calculate your shots carefully, as you have a limited amount of projectiles at your disposal. Mobs must be destroyed mainly by hitting the structures surrounding them.

The game features stylish animated graphics, a captivating soundtrack and addictive gameplay. Just like any other puzzle game, it come with many levels in different stages. You begin in the Fortress Age and then gradually continue with the Ages of Discovery, Pirates, Cowboys and Heroes. Furthermore, each Age includes 21 unique levels.

Furthermore, the interface is easy to navigate and starting a game is a straightforward procedure. When you begin your first level, just point the mouse cursor to the area you want to through stones at and click. Due to the realistic physics engine, the objects and enemies are destroyed by falling down and taking damage respectively.

As mentioned previously, you must eliminate all the mobs in the level with a limited amount of resources. At the end of each level, your score is calculated and, at the end of an Age, you can check your total score. Statistics of overall gold victories, blocks crushed, enemies killed, time and peasants saved are also available.

As for the preference options, Siege Hero HD allows you to only toggle the sound and full screen on / off and reset the game data. This way, you can start a fresh new game, or let a friend play it from scratch. Another benefit is that you can start a new Age at any time. In other words, you can access any Age regardless of your progress in the previous Ages.

To conclude, Siege Hero HD is a fun game for all tastes. One would recommend the game especially to indie puzzle fans that like to be challenged. Also, thanks to the lighthearted atmosphere and funny visuals / audio effects, Siege Hero HD makes for a nice addition in your OS X game collection.

Siege Hero HD was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on November 29th, 2013
Siege Hero HD - From Siege Hero HD's main window you can easily start the game or open the Options window.Siege Hero HDSiege Hero HDSiege Hero HD - In Siege Hero HD you have to use strategy and precise aim to take down the fortress and free the oppressed.Siege Hero HDSiege Hero HD - At the end of each level you will be able to view your high score and share it via Facebook or Twitter.Siege Hero HD

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