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A collection of programs to be used for Shadowrun 4th Edition





SR4 Toolbox is a collection of programs to be used for Shadowrun 4th Edition, a pen and paper roleplaying game, situated here on Earth in the 2070's.

Much information on Shadowrun itself can be found by searching the Internet, what can be found under 'Links' is just a very small fraction of it.

The paperwork to be done by players and gamemasters can be a real burden, SR4 Toolbox aims to make that a lot easier. Players will be able to maintain their character sheet by putting the data in the program, a charactersheet (PDF) can be generated from those data and be printed.

As a player you always have a clean and correct charactersheet when play begins. Some tools help Gamemasters with the preparations of their games.

SR4 Toolbox isn't complete yet, a lot of work has to be done. The available tools are already usable, but do not hestitate to report the bugs you found or features that are missing. Features will also be added or changed when new sourcebooks are released.
Last updated on December 9th, 2012

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