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Cross-platform and powerful virtual emulator utility designed to play Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) gaming console games on your computer

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Snes9x is a virtual emulator for the popular Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and was made available on all major platforms thanks to a large group of developers.

With Snes9x, you can play almost any game that's compatible with the SNES and with the Super Famicom Nintendo game systems as well. The games are released as ROM files that can be easily installed.

Choosing the Snes9x emulator over the original game consoles has advantages but also disadvantages. If you use the emulator on your computer, you can save the game state at any time, access built-in peripherals (cheats, multi-maps, or super scopes), rip music, organize games with ease, and use filters to improve the graphics and sound of classic games.

When opening Snes9x for the first time, you won't see a main window. However, the application provides several menus on the status bar for loading ROMs, running the emulations, configuring the keyboard, or setting various options.

In order to open a game, simply click on the File menu and choose the "Open ROM Image" option. Moreover, the application is capable of showing you if the ROM you've loaded is corrupted or altered based on colors.

Furthermore, Snes9x can also emulate the input devices supported by the original SNES using your keyboard, mouse and gamepad. Some input devices include the 1P and 2P SNES joypads, Multi Player 5, Super Scope, SNES Mouse and Justifier.

The fact that the emulator comes with additional keyboard controls (to pause the game, save a freeze file, take a screenshot, etc.) is also a great plus.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, Snes9x allows you to enter all kinds of cheat codes. It supports two of the more well-known cheat formats: the Game Genie and Pro-Action Reply (PAR).

Snes9x includes a comprehensive built-in Help document that includes all the instructions you need to get games running, configure the keyboard and peripherals, or insert cheat codes.

To sum it all up, the emulator is mainly designed for nostalgics that used to play classic games on a SNES at a certain point in the past. Snes9x delivers the same gaming experience and more.

SNES9X was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on July 30th, 2013
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