Rubber Ninjas for Mac1.06

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An enthralling ragdoll fighting game where you can battle your enemies in intense, great looking and strategic ragdoll battles.






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Rubber Ninjas is a 3D ragdoll fighting game that allows you to easily select 2 ragdolls of any shape and size and place them in a brutal battle against each other.

Rubber Ninjas provides an innovative gameplay and a spectacular physics engine, ensuring you that each battle will be both impressive and fun to watch.

The game comes with a smooth graphics engine based on OpenGl and amazing camera techniques that really immerse you into the fight.

Created especially for fighting game enthusiasts, Rubber Ninjas provides a long singleplayer campaign that spans on more than 50 different levels.

The game also includes a large number of weapons that players can use to freshen up the gameplay and add new offensive or defensive capabilities to each ragdoll.

Even more, users are allowed to edit text files in order to alter the appearance and functionality of ragdolls, weapons or even create new campaigns.

One of the most important elements in Rubber Ninjas is surely the way it plays. With fluid animations and a great physics engine, the game is just a blast to pay alone, against the AI, or with your friends.
Last updated on December 23rd, 2009
Rubber Ninjas - The main window where you can see the dolls fighting.Rubber Ninjas - You can choose the game type.Rubber Ninjas - You have the possibility to play the game in windowed mode.

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