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An immersive and engaging strategy game that enables you to experience the Roman times as you try to reach and hold the Imperial throne

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Rome Total War Gold Edition is a complex and absorbing game of real-time warfare, politics, empire building and betrayal.

Moreover, the Rome Total War Gold Edition title features the Rome: Total War game and the official expansion pack, Barbarian Invasion. Thus, you can experience three centuries of warfare from the Punic Wars to the death of Augusts. Thanks to the Barbarian Invasion expansion pack you can also view and “live” the end of the Roman world.

By playing Rome Total War Gold Edition, you will be able to prove your leadership skills as you try to face all the challenges and obstacles that are standing between you and the Imperial throne. You can step in to the shoes of one of the three great Roman families, whose hunger for power will push them closer to their objective. Explore and try to survive in the word of Hannibal, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and other historical figures.

Become a fearsome conqueror and rule the world of gladiators, soldiers, monsters, fools and tyrants. Use your diplomacy skills, military knowledge and leadership skills to build and rule an empire that stretched across Europa and Africa.

Throughout the game you will have to escape assassinations attempts, construct and administer cities, discipline and command armies, decide whether to follow the Senate’s wishes, organize gladiator fights to keep the citizens happy or make them forget about the current problems, and face all the challenges and surprises that are coming your way.

During the Barbarian invasion you can choose to defend the empire or take the lead of the Barbarian horde and take apart the once magnificent empire by splitting it in half.

All in all, Rome Total War Gold Edition is an intriguing and enthralling strategy game that promises to take you through the history of the Roman Empire from the beginning to the very end.

Rome Total War Gold Edition was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on March 21st, 2014
Rome Total War Gold Edition - Your objective in Rome Total War Gold Edition is to use your military forces in order to build an empire that stretches across Europe and Africa.Rome Total War Gold EditionRome Total War Gold EditionRome Total War Gold EditionRome Total War Gold Edition - From the game's HUD you can easily control your troops and view your location on the map.

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