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A challenging side scrolling game based on the Unity game engine for all major platforms featuring gravity puzzles and a cartoonish visual style

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Rochard is a beautiful and engaging side-scroller puzzle game set in a futuristic world where you complete various missions in distant locations across the Solar System. The storyline involves intriguing aliens, villainous characters, as well as a saving female characters in trouble.

You play John Rochard, an ‘astro-miner’ that embarks in a perilous inter-planetary journey. Moreover, you jump from platforms to platforms to reach your destination, solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, including foes. The game is 2D, but the realistic graphics make it seem like everything is 3D.

The game excels the most in creating a physics-based world where you must use a G-Lifter to manipulate the objects around you and to alter the laws of gravity. In addition, the G-Lifter is your best friend in the face of the enemy, as you can use it to throw big things.

Furthermore, Rochard features a single-player campaign that spans across 5 wide chapters. Throughout your journey, you will encounter superb cartoonish environments, as well as funny characters and situations. The 80s electronic music and rock / blues soundtrack contribute to the unique feel of the game.

On the Mac OS X platform, you can use various hardware controllers to play. The standard recommendation would be the keyboard and two-button mouse. However, you can also use a wired Xbox360 controller, Logitech controllers and wireless PS3 controllers.

All in all, Rochard is an award-winning and critically acclaimed puzzle platformer game that packs a lot of great features to deliver a memorable experience for every gamer. If you like action, puzzles and platformers, this game is definitely worth every penny.

Rochard was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on February 4th, 2014
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