Robotek for Mac

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A fun and addictive robot themed arcade game in which you have to prove your strategy and fighting skills defeating your enemies





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Robotek is a challenging and intriguing OS X arcade game in which the humanity had fallen.

Since the great robot uprising the Empire of Machine is the new world order and your mission is to take it back.

You have to destroy your enemies with various weapons that can fry or electrocute them.

Moreover, you can also steal robots from your opponent or use your own robots to fight for you.
Last updated on November 9th, 2013
RobotekRobotekRobotek - You must roll the same object 3 times in order to get bonuses like new units or power-ups.Robotek - You and your units can earn XP from successful hits and kills.Robotek - Each of your units can fire once each turn and defend, if needed.RobotekRobotek

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