River Simulator 2012 for Mac1.22

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An engaging and absorbing ship simulator that offers you total control of various ships that you can use to explore the Main and the Rhine

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River Simulator 2012 is a fun yet challenging simulation game that enables you to explore a German and an European river.

Thanks to River Simulator 2012 you can take command of a wide variety of inland waterway vessels with which you can transport and deliver different goods. In your missions you will have to sail along the Main from Frankfurt to Mayence and up to the Dutch border.

Beside the inland waterway ships, you can also take control of various vehicles made for transport on water, such as ferries and container ships. In order to complete all missions and tasks you will have to transport liquids with tanker ships and perform numerous dangerous maneuvers using a push boat.

River Simulator 2012 enables you to explore a complex and detailed scenery and enjoy a high-quality rendered environment that recreates real-life locations such as the Rhine valley. You can take advantage of the autopilot feature during long journeys and enjoy the view.

On top of that, you can take on challenging missions that will test your dexterity as you try to maneuver giant ships in tight harbors. Every time you manage to successfully complete a mission you will receive experience points that you can spend on new, better and larger ships.

What is more, River Simulator 2012 allows you to use a user-oriented web interface in order to create and integrate your own ships into the game. All provided ships are based on real ship builds and feature detailed cockpits filled with all the necessary functions. With your custom ship you can travel from Frankfurt all the way up to the Dutch border.

Unfortunately, River Simulator 2012 is not optimized for Retina Displays and the displayed image is not centered on the screen, fact that makes the game incompatible with MacBook Pro laptops with Retina Display.

To conclude, River Simulator 2012 is a fun and enjoyable ship simulator that enables you to navigate the Rhine and Main river with different ships.

River Simulator 2012 was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on January 6th, 2014
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