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A free and open-source 3D vehicle simulator that features soft-body physics and enables you to experience how it is to fly planes, drive tucks and other vehicles

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Rigs of Rods is a fully-featured vehicle simulator specially made to simulate the motion destruction and deformation of vehicles, machines and other objects with the help of soft-body physics.

A versatile physics sandbox game that helps you test drive and crash land, air and water vehicles

With the help of the soft-body physics engine called Beam, Rigs of Rods allows you to simulate in real-time a network of interconnected nodes, which form the body of a given object, in order to accurately replicate the behavior of the vehicle or object you create in various conditions.

Consequently, you can take advantage of Rigs of Rods’ advanced soft-body physics engine to visualize the deformations a vehicle suffers as it carries a load or crushes into walls or terrain. It is worth mentioning that the vehicle might sustain permanent damage in certain scenarios.

Create your own vehicles and test their strength

Moreover, Rigs of Rods helps you create anything from land vehicles to planes and boats using vertices / nodes connected by beams. All vertices are influenced by the stress on the beams that are connected to them.

As a result, when a beam sustains too much stress, it will deform and modify the position of associated nodes and, ultimately alter the appearance and behavior of your vehicle.

All vehicle configurations can be easily stored as plain text while simple 2D skins can be used to wrap the vehicle. On top of that, you can use deformable static meshes that bend according to a skeleton of nodes.

Generate terrain and create your own gameplay

What is more, Rigs of Rods’ mapping system allows you to use terrain data stored in raw image files, a fact that helps you create terrain using applications capable to generate black and white raw image format.

Although, Rigs of Rods does not have an in-game goal, you can take advantage of the scripting support to enhance the missions and game interaction by using checkpoints along a road or dragstrip.

In conclusion, Rigs of Rods is a comprehensive vehicle simulator that enables you to simulate the motion destruction and deformation of various vehicles.

Rigs of Rods was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 21st, 2014
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