Redline for Mac1.0.5

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A fun racing game that includes a physics engine and multiple levels that you can play alone or with your friends.






Redline includes a 3D rendering engine that brings realistic graphics and an engaging gameplay.

Redline provides a simulation mode, an arcade mode and the fast paced turbo arcade mode.

You can select one of the available cars and tracks then jump right into a fast paced race to the end of the level.

Redline allows you to play online with up to 12 different friends, but you can also play on the local network, if you want to.

Starting a multiplayer game is easy, you just have to create a lobby, tell your friends to join it. Choose a car and a course and then you're ready to go.

The great thing about Redline is that each car is modeled independently so you will get different game experiences when trying different cars.

Redline includes multiple racing challenges that include slaloms or acceleration, while also providing multiple tracks with a variety of racing conditions.
Last updated on September 7th, 2008
Redline - In this screenshot you can see the current lap and the car's position and also the car's speed meter.Redline - In this image you can see a race having place in winter time.Redline - Another screenshot taken from an actual raceRedline - The main menu of Redline allows you to select the next action you want to perform: start a race, customize options or quit the application.Redline - Redline provides you with 4 gameplay modes that you can try: Simulation, Arcade, Turbo Arcade and Strict.Redline - In the Options window you can easily configure various game settings, including the controls, the multiplayer taunts, the audio and video options.

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