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An engaging and challenging first-person shooter in which you have to use your aiming and shooting skills to survive waves of dreadful creatures

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If you like first-person shooters, horrifying alien monsters, powerful guns and engaging gameplay then Frantic might be the game for you.

Frantic is a fast-paced and enthralling monster shooter that will test your aiming abilities as you try to take down numerous deadly alien creatures. Your main objective in Frantic is to survive the incoming waves of monsters and take down a wide variety of creatures, from Creepers and Bugs to Spiders and Boars. Each wave comes with a certain number of creatures that you have to kill in order to complete the level.

Additionally, you will also have to engage in epic boss battles with colossal and abominable monster ready to take your head. As you progress through the levels you will also gain access to more powerful weapons that you have to find by yourself in order to use.

What is more, Frantic provides a series of power-ups such as Damage, Life and Shield that you can collect in order to enhance your hero’s abilities. All monsters that roam the creepy map come with their own set of skills, abilities, damage and attack method. The secret of the game is to learn how to avoid their deadly hits and discover their vulnerability.

Thanks to the radar located in the top right corner of the screen you will be able to detect approaching creatures, locate weapons and power-ups. Frantic’s HUD also helps you view your current and best score, track the number of enemies you have to kill and monitor your health status.

Every time a new weapon is available, you will be able to view a live video stream with the new weapon. This window can help you locate the weapon faster by analyzing the surroundings.

Frantic comes with intuitive game controls, immersive graphics filled with special effects and a captivating gameplay. The Pause menu helps you enable or disable the sound and adjust the mouse sensitivity with just a few keystrokes.

All in all, Frantic is straightforward shooter full of action, weapons, monsters and power-ups that can help you kill your free time or improve your aiming skills.

Frantic was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on February 16th, 2015
Frantic - Your main objective in Frantic is to survive all incoming waves of creatures, collect power-ups and new weapons.Frantic - Frantic's HUD helps you view your location and the creatures location on the map and keep track of left enemies.FranticFranticFrantic - The pause menu helps you adjust the mouse sensitivity and enable or disable the sound.FranticFranticFranticFrantic

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