Rawbots Lab for Mac

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An interesting and complex game in which you can design, craft as well as program your own bots via a visual programing interface

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Rawbots Lab is a sandbox game that allows you to build your dream robot fighting machine by using over 30 programmable operants and bot parts.

Rawbots Lab features a powerful and complex visual programming system that allows you to create mind-blowing robots, which you can test in different environments. You can create anything from automated bots, to flying robots, amphibian machines, motorcycles and cars, the only limit is your imagination.

Thanks to Rawbots Lab you can design and build your robot from scratch using a wide variety of blocks. Rawbots Lab comes with pre-made kits but also allows you to craft your own parts that you can use to build your bot.

The Signal-based programming used by Rawbots Lab is little overwhelming and it might require serious commitment in order to master it. Once you get used to Rawbots Lab’s crafting method you can reward yourself with all kinds of vehicles that you can fly through space in order to find and land on other planets within the sandbox.

What is more, Rawbots Lab offers you access to all sorts of jets, hovers, feedback loop controllers, physics joints, logic gates, multiplexer and more. However, you will need to study the reference and learn how to use all available tools, features and parts in order to gain the ability to create the robot of your dreams.

Once you are happy with you design, you can take it for a test drive and share it with the ever-expanding Rawbots community in order to show off your robot.

If you like robots and you which to make your own magnificent creation then Rawbots Lab might be the game that can help you fulfill your dreams.

Rawbots Lab was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on January 22nd, 2014
Rawbots Lab - screenshot #1Rawbots Lab - Your objective in this game is to create powerful robots.Rawbots Lab - You can craft as many robots you want.Rawbots Lab - Each robot can be zoomed in and tested, if needed.

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