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A free, low-latency voice solution for professional gamers






Raidcall is a free low-latency voice solution for professional gamers, designed for group communication while gaming, especially for games requiring tight teamwork such as FPS and MMORPG games.

Raidcall can provide clear voice quality with extremely low latency, and there is no need to rent servers or set up a server by yourself. Raidcall makes group communication easier.

Raidcall uses the Client-Server Model to transfer data, rather than using the P2P Model such as Skype, which takes up more bandwidth from user.

When user is talking in this Client-Server model, RaidCall sends one stream of data to the RaidCall server , then the server broadcasts it to other users in the same channel.

So Raidcall requires very little bandwidth for voice communication and support more than 1000 slots per channel.
Last updated on October 25th, 2010
Raidcall - This is how you can create a new game server.Raidcall - Here you can manage game servers.Raidcall - This is how you can visualize a game server.Raidcall - screenshot #4

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