Race illegal High Speed 3D for Mac1.1

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A fun and entertaining racing OS X game that features stunning graphics and a fast paced game-play, as well as a great soundtrack

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The racing game genre is split between two different sub-genres: simulation and arcade. While the first one tries to be as realistic as possible, the arcade racing games rely on insane, adrenalin filled action.

Race illegal High Speed 3D is an arcade racing genre game that features insane street racing, with fast cars, great decals and high octane. The game also comes with a career mode where you can go up the leaderboards and become the greatest racer, or the arcade racing mode where you can just pick a car and a level you want to race on.

All you have to do is win races in order to win money, which can be used to purchase upgrades for your car or even grab a new ride.

The Race illegal High Speed 3D game also includes complete support for USB controllers, features a wide range of cars you can pilot and even provides special effects which include slow motion, nitro and motion blur.

One of the most important features when talking about a racing game are surely its graphics and game-play. Graphics-wise, Race illegal High Speed 3D is a very colorful game, you can see that right when you start your first race. The game-play is very fast paced and full of action, and the soundtrack is alert, in line with the game's frantic car chases.

The game's interface is very simple, and it displays the number of laps, your current position in the race, the lap time, and it even displays a small, minimalist map of the current area of the track. In the lower side of the screen you can view the view speed-o-meter, which displays you the current speed.

Race illegal High Speed 3D provides you with a highly enjoyable experience, especially for those users that are looking for a frantic, fast paced and action packed racer. It also comes with great visuals and a lot of levels that you can play in your quest to become the next great racer.

Race illegal High Speed 3D was reviewed by Alexandru Tanase
Last updated on December 17th, 2013
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