RC Mini Racers for Mac2.8

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Have fun playing an entertaining and explosive racing game where you can blow up your competitors by using missiles, mines or simply crash them.

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RC Mini Racers is a great racing game that comes with a toy car feeling and offers you the possibility to eliminate your competitors by blowing them up. The game provides 25 remote controlled mini cars models but you can use only 6 free of charge: you can unlock the other cars via in-app purchases.

Each time you race you gain a certain amount of money for your lap time, your air time, your place within the race and much more. The race money can be used to unlock new circuit maps.

In addition, you can customize your car either by purchasing coins or by collecting them in the coin racing mode. If you do not have the patience to collect the money on your own, you can also buy coins through in-app purchases.

When you launch the game you must specify if you want to play the game in full screen or window mode and select the screen resolution.

Furthermore, you must adjust the graphics quality: “Fastest” is recommended since the “Fantastic” option renders the game significantly sluggish and the car becomes very hard to control. Of course, you should try each of the 6 settings to see which one matches best your architecture.

During the race, you should keep an eye for collecting missiles, mines and other extra boosts since they can help you win the competition. Moreover, you get cash each time you bomb or crash your opponents. To make things even more interesting, each track comes with 4 difficulty modes: easy, medium, hard and insane.

To sum up, RC Mini Racers is a fun game in which you get to race and destroy your enemies in order to collect more money to unlock more races or customize your car.

RC Mini Racers was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 11th, 2015
RC Mini Racers - In the RC Mini Racers main window you can view your score, your place, the race time and more.RC Mini Racers - screenshot #2RC Mini Racers - In the RC Mini Racers car panel you can choose to use one of the default cars or you can customize your ride.RC Mini Racers - screenshot #4RC Mini Racers - screenshot #5RC Mini Racers - In the RC Mini Racers Options panel you can customize the graphics and audio settings or toggle certain game options.RC Mini Racers - screenshot #7RC Mini Racers - screenshot #8RC Mini Racers - screenshot #9

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