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A fully-featured and comprehensive RC helicopter simulator that will help you make the first steps towards learning and understanding helicopter flight principles

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RC Helicopter Simulator is a comprehensive simulation app that was designed from the ground up to provide you with the closest experience to really flying a radio-controlled helicopter by simulating its behavior and control in various conditions.

Learn the specifics of flying RC helicopters with the help of a comprehensive simulator

RC Helicopter Simulator is the first step that you need to take if you are passionate about RC helicopters, and if you want to learn all about their aerodynamics or get a taste of what’s it like to control a RC helicopter in an virtual and safe environment.

RC Helicopter Simulator gives you the option to control your favorite helicopters using a joystick, your Mac’s keyboard, a digital gamepad, or a real radio-transmitter.

However, the development team recommends that you use a real RC transmitter, or at least a gutted out one (adapted RC transmitter that plugs into your Mac’s USB port) for a proper and almost lifelike flying experience.

Choose from a wide array of helicopter models and a large selection of sceneries

Worth-mentioning is the fact that RC Helicopter Simulator enables you to pick from a wide variety of helicopter models, and change their behavior or characteristics such as dashboard displays, gyroscope sensitivity, and other controls.

What’s more, RC Helicopter Simulator comes with a large selection of sceneries and landscapes through which you can fly your helicopters, and it also gives you the possibility to change the weather for successfully preparing you for real life flying conditions.

Last, but not least, you can also create your very own RC helicopter models and sceneries by modifying the existing ones within RC Helicopter Simulator’s database.

Provides a virtual environment for learning to fly RC helicopters

In a nutshell, despite its somewhat plain graphics, RC Helicopter Simulator provides a perfect environment for any beginner that wants to learn the basics of RC helicopters flying, which will be of great use because wrecking a RC helicopter in real life can be a very expensive and unpleasant experience.

RC Helicopter Simulator was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on December 18th, 2014
RC Helicopter Simulator - You can control the RC Helicopters using the keyboard, a digital gamepad, a dual analogical gamepad, or a real radio-transmitter.RC Helicopter Simulator - From the Settings menu, you can easily the controls and their sensitivity, as well as other characteristics of the simulation such as the wind and turbulence intensity turbulenceRC Helicopter Simulator - You can also choose from a wide selection of sceneries and helicopter models, as well as the gyroscope mode for each flightRC Helicopter SimulatorRC Helicopter Simulator

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