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An arcade-style tetromino puzzle game featuring beautiful graphics and sound effects as well as various options to customize the appearance and keys






Quinn is a discontinued Mac OS X tetromino puzzle game where the objective is to build horizontal rows from the pieces that are falling down. The gameplay is simple and the rules are very common and well-known, but achieving truly high scores depends on your ability to quickly analyze the situation.

Quinn features a beautiful user interface, graphics and sound as well as subtle animations. You will be able to view your score, number of lines, level and LPM. Moreover, you can pause and resume the game at any time. The game also includes a menu to view your high scores.

Furthermore, Quinn used to allow users to play online, but this featured is not available anymore. You might be able to still play with your friends via LAN, though.

Besides the beautiful graphics and sound, Quinn also allows you to change the keyboard configuration from the Preferences window. You an use ready-made presets for the Numeric keyboard, MacBook and Two Player mode or you can specify your own keys for controlling the four-square pieces.

Additionally, you can choose between multiple piece styles from the Appearance tab of the preferences. You can even change the board background, although only two types are available. Nevertheless, you can add your own piece styles and board background.

Another interesting feature is that the game automatically pauses when you access another application. When switching back to Quinn, the game resumes and you can start playing again immediately.
Last updated on October 25th, 2009
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