Queen-Talk Chess for Mac

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Powerful online chess program with plugin support for the Retroshare instant messenger





Queen-Talk Chess (QtChess) is the world's least powerful friend-to-friend chess program. Written in C++, it sports a 2-D OpenGL/Qt user interface and utilizes TCP/IP for communications.

The application may also be used as a plugin for the Retroshare Instant Messenger. Simply install the Messenger, perform some minor firewall configuration, and you'll be on your way to chatting with a friend while enjoying a relaxing game of chess.

With Queen-Talk, you can also build your own virtual chess club in the comfort of your own home! Upon launching a personal chat session and a chess window via the Restroshare Messenger, you and a friend will be quickly immersed in a friendly game of chess.
Last updated on August 29th, 2014
Queen-Talk Chess - The classic chess game window where you will have to move pieces and win the gameQueen-Talk Chess - Configure the connection by assigning the local IP address and port and the remote IP address and port

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