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A popular and free multiplayer first person shooter based on Quake III that comes with multiple game modes, and various types of weapons.

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Based on the Quake III Arena engine, Urban Terror is a standalone first person shooter game that includes support for most popular game modes: Bomb and Defuse, Capture and Hold, Capture the Flag, Free for All, Follow the Leader, Team Deathmatch, and Team Survivor.

Entertaining first person shooter game that can be played online or on the LAN

The Urban Terror installation process is reduced to unpacking the software archive and moving the resulting folder to the Application’s directory. Once you launch the game, you must decide if you want to join a local or an online server, or make your own.

The game comes with a collection of 26 levels or maps that can be used to create your own servers. Keep in mind that not all maps work with all game modes: you can visit the community website to check the modes supported by each map.

Customize your character and effortlessly personalize your gaming experience

For your amusement, Urban Terror allows you to customize the appearance of your character by adding all sorts of funny items: navigate the the Dressing Room and select the objects you want to equip your character with. Unfortunately, the Urban Terror weapons collection is not vey large.

Of course, via the game settings window you can adjust both the graphic and audio settings in order to get the best performance possible, while in the Control panel you can easily change the keyboard combinations for moving your character, for shooting, for communicating with others, and so on.

Quake styled first person shooting game that overlooks realism in order to provide an amusing experience

Urban Terror proposes a fast paced adventure around over 26 different maps, and enables you to play in 7 different gaming modes. Wether you are playing on the local network with your friends, with bots, or on an online server, Urban Terror has all it needs to help you have a good time.

Urban Terror was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on January 21st, 2015
Urban Terror - The main menu of the game.Urban Terror - Here you can browse through the game servers.Urban Terror - Here you can setup weapons.Urban Terror - Trying to kill the enemy.Urban Terror - A mirror reflection.Urban Terror - Exploring the map.Urban Terror - screenshot #7Urban Terror - screenshot #8Urban Terror - screenshot #9Urban Terror - screenshot #10Urban Terror - screenshot #11

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