Prime Cards 1.1.3

Win tricks by making prime numbers

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What's new in Prime Cards 1.1.3:

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Prime Cards - The main menu of the game.Prime Cards - Trying to defeat your opponent.Prime Cards - Some options can be customized this way.
Prime Cards is an easy to play, fun card game where the objective is to win tricks by forming prime numbers on the table.

The game is played with composite cards: 4, 8, 10, 20, 25, 26 each with respectively 10, 4, 4, 2, 2, 2 cards and operation cards: -2, +1, +7 each with 12 cards, making a total of 60 cards.

At the start of the game, 7 cards to each player. The remaining cards become the library and the top card is turned over and placed face up on the table.

Based on this card on table, the dealer begins his turn by drawing a card from the library and plays a card from his hand or discards a card if he cannot play any card.

If the card on table is a composite card, he must play an operation card; otherwise he must play a composite card.

If he plays a card that forms a prime number with the cards on table, he wins the trick and scores points same as its value. If the sum is not a prime number, then the player to the left will take his turn.

A trick must be composed of a single composite card and at least one operation card. Once a player played a composite card, no other players can play another composite card in the same trick.

A player must play a card during his turn if he can or discard a card and pass his turn.

The player who wins the trick starts the next turn by placing any card on the table, then draws a card from the library and ends his turn.

If the library runs out before the game is resolved, all the cards except those in the player's hands are collected and shuffled and become the library again. The first player to accumulate 101 or more points wins the game.

Last updated on November 5th, 2013

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Intel only)

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