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A powerful and useful application that enables you to improve your poker game with the help of easy-to-interpret data and statistics

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If you are a serious poker player or you just like to kill your free time playing this addictive card game and you want to step up your game, then Poker Copilot is the right app for you.

Makes it simple to greatly Improve your online poker game in no time

Poker Copilot is a powerful and reliable Mac OS X application specially designed to constantly monitor, track and analyze your hand history and updated the provided results.

All collected data is processed and analyzed to determine various mathematical errors that might occur in your game. Hence, with the help of Poker Copilot you can easily eliminate persistent errors from your playing style.

Powerful errors detector and built-in head-up display

All updates are constantly processed in order to display relevant on-screen statistics during the game. At the end of each hand you can view, analyze and interpret the data to improve your game. Thanks to the head-up display you can track all hands and make informed decisions at all times.

What is more, you can use Poker Copilot to find mathematical errors in your opponents’ games and exploit their weaknesses in your advantage. Balance the odds in your favor and become a skilled player.

User-oriented interface and streamlined poker game stats and summary

From Poker Copilot’s main window you can view basic and advances statistics, filter the displayed information, check game summaries and charts along with the detected leaks. The top toolbar helps you switch between the Ring Games and Tournaments and filter the visualized results based on their data range, game type, position and table size.

The Dashboard offers you access to Basic and Advanced Statistics that can help you view the total number of hands played, check your winnings and losses, as well as other related data.

By accessing the Summaries panel, you can view the recently played hands and analyze your and your opponents’ game. At the same time the Charts panel helps you have an overview of your bankroll.

Poker Copilot was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 17th, 2015
Poker Copilot - From Poker Copilot's pop-up dialog you will be able to view your opponent's game statistics and recent cards.Poker Copilot - At the begging of a new round, Poker Copilot displays the next probable cards according to statistical calculations.Poker Copilot - The Poker Copilot's main window helps you analyze your game statistics using the data collected during the games.Poker Copilot - screenshot #4Poker Copilot - screenshot #5Poker Copilot - screenshot #6Poker Copilot - screenshot #7Poker Copilot - screenshot #8Poker Copilot - screenshot #9Poker Copilot - screenshot #10Poker Copilot - screenshot #11Poker Copilot - screenshot #12Poker Copilot - screenshot #13Poker Copilot - screenshot #14

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