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A fun and entertaining airline simulator that enables you to take control of a small airline company and expand it using the generated income

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If you ever dreamed of having your own airline company that you can manage and develop by using your own market strategy plan than, Pocket Planes is the game you are looking for.

Pocket Planes is an engaging and diverting time and budget management game in which you start with a small airline company that has a fleet of four small planes. You can manage and expand your plane fleet by buying new ones with the money you collect for transporting various people and cargo to over 250 cities around the world.

You can customize and personalize all your company planes by applying various paint jobs. What is more, you can also change the pilot uniforms according to your preferences. In order to expand your company you have to buy and unlock everything from small town airports and metropolis to prop panels and jumbo jets.

You can use the trade system to exchange plane parts with your friends and prove your management skills in world wide events and competitions. The Airline Stats menu helps you view your airline value, average daily revenue, the number of unlocked airports along with the total number of flights, miles flown along with the number of passengers and cargo delivered. You can also view your longest flight, the most profitable flight and the busiest city or region that you can cover.

What is more, Pocket Planes features an in-game exchange system that allows you to exchange coins for BUX and vice versa. You can buy more BUX via the in-app purchase system in order to speed up your progress. Pocket Planes comes with intuitive point-and-click game controls, old school graphics, immersive sound effects and a large collection of airplanes and airports.

In conclusion, Pocket Planes is a challenging yet entertaining airline simulator that enables you prove your management skills by expanding your business and making  profit.

Pocket Planes was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on December 6th, 2013
Pocket Planes - In the airport window you can analyze the planes and start new trips with ease.Pocket Planes - In this window you can select the destination, luggage and persons that you want to take on board.Pocket Planes - In this window you can monitor the current flights and their state (boarding, flying or idle).Pocket Planes - screenshot #4

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