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Statistical tool inspired by football games.
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A search of Google with terms like "NFL Variance Randomness" will show that randomness plays a significant roll in determining results. That should not be a surprise.

The same should be true in the college game. There are many factors that can not be well controlled, which can impact the game, such as, illness, injury, weather, officiating, personal relationships, academic problems, and so on. That is why we play the game.

Playoff2011 allows you to simulate a 8 team single elimination tournament.

STEP 1: choose your 8 playoff teams from the final 10 in the last BCS bowl of 2011 (listed with their BCS rating), then check "DONE."

STEP 2: choose what you believe is the relative strength of each team then check "DONE." A team rated 8 will win over a team rated 2 on average, 80% of the time with a standard deviation of around 5 %.

The suggested strength for each team you choose is based on the BCS rating (times 10 then rounded to an integer).

Step 3: Choose your team match-ups for the first round.

Step 4: Play each round

Step 5: Replay, Replay All  OR Restart

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