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User friendly Mac OS X app designed to help you install and run Windows games or utilities by using the Wine compatibility layer software.

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Based on the Wine compatibility layer application that allows users to run Microsoft Windows apps on Mac OS X, PlayOnMac offers you the possibility to access Windows games and apps from the comfort of your Mac.

The best part is that you will run them within the Mac operating system, without having to restart the computer. Since you will not be using virtualization software either, you will not have to acquire a Windows license.

Easy to install software solution that allows you to deploy Windows apps on your Mac

The PlayOnMac installation process is reduced to a simple drag and drop to the Application’s folder, but the archive also includes an uninstaller package that you must run to completely remove the utility.

PlayOnMac provides support for running a wide collection of Windows app, which are organized into various categories: to view a complete list, or to add an app, navigate to the Supported Software page on the developer’s website.

Effortlessly browse the list of available software and install the ones you want to use

To make sure everything goes smoothly, the first time you launch the app it will check if XQuartz is installed on your Mac (it is required by Wine): if not, PlayOnMac will offer to help you download and install the XQuartz system.

The next step is to browse the app’s database and press the install button placed in the bottom right corner of the PlayOnMac’s Install menu window. However, take into consideration that some apps also have an official Mac version released: running the native version is recommended.

Simple solution for installing Windows utilities on your Mac with minimal effort

PlayOnMac is employing the Wine compatibility layer app to run Windows apps on your Mac, without using virtualization software or a separate Windows image. The novelty is that PlayOnMac comes with a collection of supported software that you can install through the app, in no time, without having to manually download and deploy the utilities.

PlayOnMac was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 7th, 2015
PlayOnMac - From PlayOnMac's main window you can run, close, install and remove windows compatible games and software.PlayOnMac - The chosen application is open through xQuartz and enables you to full use its functions.PlayOnMac - By accessing the PlayOnMac's Messenger window you will be able to communicate with other PlayOnMac users.PlayOnMac - screenshot #4PlayOnMac - screenshot #5PlayOnMac - screenshot #6

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