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First person survival horror game where your only goal is to find eight manuscripts before the Slender Man, a paranormal creature, finds you

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Slender, or Slender: The Eight Pages, as its full name reads, is a free indie horror game that has gained vast popularity amongst both Mac OS X and Windows players.

The game started as an experiment that quickly achieved viral status. Slender redefined the horror video game genre trough its amazing simplicity and sheer horror that it instills in its players.

The idea of the game is really simple: your character is stranded in an unknown forest and must find the eight pages (which are randomly placed) before the Slender Man finds and kills you. No other explanations are given.

However, finding these eight pages is not an easy task, as the forest around you is very dense and dark. The creepy atmosphere and your limited resources add another layer to the horror factor of the game.

Even though the idea is simple, there are still some game mechanics: if you fail to find a page within the first four minutes, you will hear a booming noise, after which Slender Man will find you and take you out.

As you start to find more pages, Slender Man will chase you more and more aggressively and you must to avoid him at all costs. Turning off your flashlight is a good idea if you don't want to be seen by Slender Man, but you won't be able to find your way around the forest.

Slender features poor graphics, but this does not prevent players from getting a real scare. On the contrary, the edgy graphics adds even more intensity to the overall fear which grows as the game progresses. Moreover, the audio effects are really well executed and help create an outstandingly creepy atmosphere.

A continuation of the game called Slender: The Arrival has also been launched and includes better graphics, a storyline, characters and levels.

Slender was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on August 5th, 2013
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