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In Once Upon a Time, a vicious Wolf, a greasy Prince and a wicked Queen are hunting for the Princess, but she's not going quietly.

Game Objective

As a Hunter

As either The Prince, Wolf or Queen your goal is to track down the Princess, capture her, and bring her back to your base

As a Princess

Your goal is to collect the three items in the level. You will need to evade the other three characters by strategically using your spells.

The first character to complete his objective wins the match!


The Mini-Map

The Mini-Map is located at the top of the screen and can be very useful. It shows the layout of the level, the location of the Princess' items, the bases of each character and your current position. Use the Mini-Map to determine where you are, what Items are still in play, and how to get to where you want to go!

Most importantly, when the Princess Screams for help. her Icon will be revealed on the Mini-Map showing you where she is!

Finding the Princess

Each Hunter Character has a unique way of finding the Princess. See the Characters section for each specific ability.

These Hunting Senses however can be affected by the Princess' spells, luring you to disaster or shutting off entirely depending on the spell. Sometimes, you will have to use intuition to find the Princess.

The Enchanted Items

The Enchanted Items are located on each level. These items can only be collected by the Princess. Each Item will flash briefly on the Mini-Map when collected, informing the Hunters of the Princess' current location. If the Princess gathers all three items, she wins the match.


Health and Damage

When you are hit by an attack, you will recieve damage. Watch your Health Bar located in the bottom right corner around your Action Indicator to see how much damage you've recieved.

If your health bar empties completely your character will be thwarted and you will have to begin again from your base. Be careful, the more times you are thwarted, the longer it will take for you to come back.

The Princess cannot recieve damage or be thwarted.

Executing Combo Attacks

Each Hunter has the ability to perform a Combo-Attack. A Combo-Attack is a series of attacks in succession of the first that continue the assault. These attacks are faster than your basic attack, deal more damage and allow for you to execute your character's final attack.

To perform a combo attack, you will need carefully time your button presses after your initial swing. Pay attention to the Action Indicator and watch for it to flash, when it does press the button again and you will follow through into your combo. If you click too early or too late however, you will not be able to execute the combo.

Combos can be executed in succession up to 3 times. On your third combo attack you will release your character's final attack. This attack does significantly more damage than the others and also has an area of effect that will knock characters back. Visit the Characters section to find out more about each character's Final Attack.

Carrying the Princess

The Carrying Mini-Game

Once the Princess has been caught a meter will appear above both the carrier and the Princess. This meter represents the struggle between the two characters. As long as the needle stays in play the Princess will be held. If the needle reaches either end of the meter the Princess will escape.

To move the Needle the Princess will use her A and D keys to try and shift it to the left or right. The carrier will also use his A and D keys to counteract the push of the Princess and try and keep the needle in the center of the meter. However, this is a little trickier for the Carrier as the A and D keys are also his movement keys.

As a carrier you will have to try and balance the needle in the center while steering your character back towards their base! Using the Mouse to orient your view while you are trying to hold the Princess will help you stay on course.

Hit Counters

If the Princess is smart while she is being carried, she will be using her Scream ability to call the other characters to her rescue. Other characters can try to save the Princess by attacking the carrier.

Each Character has a number of Hit Counters, which can be seen on the bottom part of the meter while carrying the Princess. For each successful hit taken, one counter is removed from the carrier's meter. If all counters are removed, the carrier will drop the Princess. Certain character abilities affect these Hit Counters differently, see the Characters section for more information.
Last updated on April 4th, 2012
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