No Gravity for Mac2.2.0

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An fun-filled action flying game set in a futuristic world where humankind has colonized distant planets that are now under threat

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No Gravity is an immersive cross-platform game that invites you into a futuristic world where you must take out the enemies who have infested your empire with a deadly disease. During your missions, you control a number of ships and fly through different colonies.

Hundreds of years from now, the empire has appointed you to protect your people from the mysterious foes. Luckily, you are one of the few residents that has not been afflicted with the the disease, which poses a great risk to drive the entire humanity mad.

No Gravity features 31 missions that puts you in the shoes of both a hero and a fierce warrior. The game tempo is quite alert and tests you skills to the fullest, both in controlling a flying ship and in shooting moving targets. In your arsenal, you will find 6 different weapons, such as ion blasters and lasers.

Furthermore, you can choose from up to 5 different characters and 5 types of ships.  Throughout your missions, you will also get support from allies that will help you go through enemy stations and big crowds of hostile targets. In space, you will fly through large asteroid fields or under craters with incredible speed.

Other game features include 2 difficulty modes, different camera views (1st or 3rd person), full frame rate, 4 ship colors, a high-resolution 3D engine and an immersive audio experience.

Taking everything into consideration, No Gravity is an OS X port of the acclaimed sci-fi game with the same name for Playstation designed to deliver fast-paced action, an immersive world and a challenging gaming experience.

No Gravity was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on November 19th, 2014
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