Ninja Chicken for Mac1.0

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A fun, easy-to-play arcade game for the Mac OS X platform where the objective is to save the poor chickens using your mouse skills and memory

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Ninja Chicken is a fun Mac OS X memory game where the goal is to place the incoming chickens to a safe zone based on their color.  Your objective is to place yellow, pink, blue and red chicks to their corresponding zone (of the same color), while avoiding the robot chicken and pigs.

Ninja Chicken will test your mouse skills, memory and concentration at the same time. Four difficulty levels are provided: easy, normal, hard and master. Moreover, 8 different stages can be completed in each difficulty level.

An additional item that can be added from the main menu is the egg. Choosing to play with eggs will make the game even more challenging. At the end of each stage, you will get to see your score, highest score, miss and wrong statistics, collected crystals and combos.

In addition to the fun gameplay, Ninja Chicken comes with lighthearted music and sounds as well as beautiful graphics with lots of effects. Ninja Chicken is a great game to pass the time and keeping your mind occupied. It’s also designed to train the memory of both young and old players alike.

Ninja Chicken was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on October 31st, 2013
Ninja Chicken - The main menu of the game.Ninja Chicken - Character rooster.Ninja Chicken - Playing a level.Ninja Chicken - In this window you can visualize the level summary.

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