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An unusual and intriguing casual indie game where you change the world around you by controlling a void creature and using special powers

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Nihilumbra is a unique atmospheric game that combines adventure and puzzle elements. Because the gameplay is casual, Nihilumbra can be categorized as an indie game. It features a captivating story, eye-catching 2D graphics, as well as a haunting soundtrack.

You play as Born, a mysterious creature that somehow descended from the void. Although you have escaped safe and unharmed from the malefic arms of the void, the nothingness which gave you birth wants you back. You have become something form nothing.

Nihilumbra comes with various different levels set in distinct environments. The first level teaches you how to play the game; in a nutshell, you jump onto platforms, use colors to paint your path and gain abilities, unlock doors, overcome obstacles and more. Your final goal is to change the world.

A total of 5 different colors are available, each with its own power. For example, painting the ground blue will allow you to slide onto it. Furthermore, the purple color enables you to erase colors from the environment. You can also move and destroy objects, which helps you solve puzzles.

In addition to this, Nihilumbra features a voice that accompanies you throughout your journey. What’s more, the graphics look great and you can even adjust them in order to change the performance. The beautiful art gallery inspired by the Nihilumbra universe and the original soundtrack complete the whole package.

To sum up, Nihilumbra is an indie adventure puzzle game where you can control a void entity with a name. Getting started with the game is really easy, too. Nihilumbra could be worth your while if you like unusual indie games and solve challenging puzzles.

Nihilumbra was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on January 27th, 2014
Nihilumbra - From the main menu, you can resume the game, access the preferences or the art gallery.Nihilumbra - In the tutorial, a voice explains your situation and on-screen dialogue will accompany it.Nihilumbra - screenshot #3Nihilumbra - screenshot #4Nihilumbra - screenshot #5Nihilumbra - screenshot #6Nihilumbra - screenshot #7Nihilumbra - screenshot #8

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