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An entertaining, yet challenging game in which you get to put your strategical thinking to the test and build your own virtual city.

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If you are a fan of building games in which you get to create your own societies, 2020: My Country can be the right entertainment for you.

You get started with just a couple business buildings and roads and you have the possibility to extend by buying land, creating new businesses to attract more people and expanding the industry to get more funds.

However, you must be careful how you organize your city because the infrastructure system must be able to allow everyone who lives in your city to move freely to different locations.

Time is an important element in this game: you start by launching different contracts that will bring you profit and you must wait even up to half an hour for them to complete so that you are able to collect the money and invest them in something else.

If you do not want to wait for so long, there is always the opportunity to buy credit by using real money via in-app purchases. However, the game is able to send notifications when the contracts are done, so you can just leave the app running in the background.

Of course, to continue the development of your city money are very important and you need them to create office or residential buildings, to employ more people and develop small businesses, to sign contracts that will help you develop the city’s industry and much more.

In addition, you get to modify the landscape by planting trees, making country roads or by digging canals or lakes. Still, keep in mind that your development is conditioned by following specific steps. For example, you do not have access to a certain type of building until you have accomplished specific tasks.

All in all, 2020: My Country is an interesting game that challenges your strategical thinking and enables you to have fun building your own urban construction.

2020: My Country was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 30th, 2015
2020: My Country - Your main objective in 2020: My Country is to develop and expand your city and country.2020: My Country - screenshot #22020: My Country - Throughout the game you will have to hire various professionals to run different businesses.2020: My Country - You can speed you the building process by spending energy points.2020: My Country - screenshot #52020: My Country - screenshot #62020: My Country - screenshot #72020: My Country - screenshot #82020: My Country - screenshot #9

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