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Full featured graphical premium MUD client with built-in native Lua scripting






Mudlet is a free, open source and interesting graphical MUD client with a user friendly graphical user interface and a very powerful and feature rich trigger engine and native built-in Lua scripting. Lua scripts can be written inline in an integrated editor.

Scripts are associated directly with the triggers, alias, timers etc. The script is an optional part of the trigger/alias/timer and is executed if the trigger etc. fires. There is no separation between scripts and triggers like in most other clients. Scripts are part of the trigger itself and can be written and edited as such by simply clicking on the tree item.

Mudlet's trigger engine boasts all the advanced features you've ever dreamt of such as trigger chains, multiline and multi option triggers.

Mudlet has timers, temporary timers, offset timers and a very powerful PCRE regex alias system. Triggers, Timers, Alias and button bars are hierarchically structured in trees.

The advanced features of Mudlet have been developed to simplify the inherent complexity of regular expressions and the need to write complex scripts to solve more advanced problems. Mudlet has already proven that people without programming skills are suddenly able to develop complex solutions that were impossible to achieve for them before with other clients.

Mudlet has tab completion, command completion and command history scrolling, dockable user windows, cool fully customizable button tool bars both docked or floating. Buttons are fully skinnable and customizable via css-style sheets.

Another prominent feature of Mudlet is it's lightning fast display that can render up to 1000 frames per second and scroll through 100.000 lines in a fraction of a second.

Mudlet is actively developed by a steadily growing developer community. The next major release will add an optional integrated webkit browser based user interface to take customization even a step further and a good 3D, open GL based mapper.
Last updated on December 17th, 2012
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