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Allows you to plan structures for Minecraft





Minecraft Structure Planner is a small, simple, easy to use companion application for the insanely popular sandbox game Minecraft. 

Minecraft Structure Planner allows anyone to quickly and easily create a variety of structures for building in the game.

Structures are defined using a simple set of number fields, texture drop-downs, or option check boxes, and the results are then displayed in three different ways:
· A height map, showing you exactly how high each piece of your structure will be,
· A layer-by-layer plan view that shows you very clearly how to build your structure from the ground up, as well as the exact amount of each building material required during construction,
· A 3D view of your newly created structure, giving you an accurate idea of exactly how it'll look when it's finally completed in-game.
Last updated on December 8th, 2011
Minecraft Structure Planner - in this window you can generate pixel art and add textures.Minecraft Structure Planner - Here you can visualize a 3D projection for the image.Minecraft Structure Planner - You can also insert some notes, if needed.Minecraft Structure Planner - screenshot #4

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