Minecraft Land Generator for Mac

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Allows you to generate your own area of land in Minecraft






Minecraft Land Generator is an easy to use application that lets you generate an area of land with your Minecraft Beta SMP server.

You set up your java command line and minecraft server paths in the MinecraftLandGenerator.conf file, set up the server's server.properties file with the name of the world you wish to use, and then run this program.

When a Minecraft server is launched, it automatically generates chunks within a square area of 20x20 chunks (320x320 blocks), centered on the current spawn point.

When provided X and Y ranges as arguments, this program will launch the server repeatedly, editing the level.dat file between sessions, to generate large amounts of land without players having to explore them.

The generated land will have about the X and Y ranges as requested by the arguments, though it will not be exact due to the spawn point typically not on the border of a chunk.

You can use the -x and -y switches to override the spawn offset and center the land generation on a different point.
Last updated on June 27th, 2013
Minecraft Land Generator - Usage screen for the application when running it from a terminal window.

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