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A practical and useful utility specially designed to help Minecraft players view, manage and edit their game inventory with just a few mouse clicks

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Designed for Minecraft players, the Minecraft Inventory Editor OS X utility aims at offering a clean, well organized and user friendly environment for viewing and editing your game’s inventory.

The Minecraft Inventory Editor application runs on the Java platform, so you must make sure that the Java Runtime Environment has been installed on your Mac beforehand.

Open your Minecraft inventory files and manage their content

To get started, you must save your Minecraft inventory data to a DAT file, and open it within the Minecraft Inventory Editor application.

Finding your way around the app’s main window is fairly intuitive: the top area presents your current resources, the bottom panel includes drop down menus for the available items which are grouped by category, while on the right you get to customize the properties of each object.

Note that Minecraft Inventory Editor comes with an extensive collection of weapons and tools, armors, blocks, minerals, transport tools, and food items that can be included in your own inventory with a simple double click.

Effortlessly customize the properties of each item included in your Minecraft inventory

Minecraft Inventory Editor comes with few but essential customization options: you get to change the object’s ID, count, and damage level. To streamline the process, Minecraft Inventory Editor allows you to quickly type the number of units you want to add to the inventory for the currently selected object.

In addition, you have the option to customize the time of day for dawn or dusk, the health level, or the environment weather (you can add rain and thunder effects).

All in all, Minecraft Inventory Editor proposes simple tools for customizing the content of your Minecraft inventory in no time. When you are done, simply save the DAT file again, and launch the Minecraft game: you will be able to view all the modifications.

Minecraft Inventory Editor was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on March 2nd, 2015
Minecraft Inventory EditorMinecraft Inventory EditorMinecraft Inventory Editor

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