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An intuitive and simple application that was created to help you easily switch between creative and survival mode in Minecraft.





Minecraft Gametype Changer's only purpose is to change the game mode in the very popular Minecraft indie game.

Minecraft Gametype Changer provides you with a single window where you can choose your game world and the mode you want to start.

You can start the game in survival or creative mode. The survival mode requires you to craft a shelter that will protect you from baddies such as spiders, skeletons or creepers. While playing survival you can die, which immediately translates in losing all your current objects.

While the survival mode is very fast paced and puts and emphasis on crafting and gathering items from the surrounding areas, the creative mode is much simpler.

The creative mode in Minecraft allows you to create the world of your dreams without having to worry about health, enemies and other perils. While playing the creative mode you can also fly, which makes it much easier to create more complicated buildings like castles, spaceships or others.

The application was specifically designed to work with Minecraft Alpha 1.8 but also supports later versions as well. Minecraft Gametype Changer is developed in the Java programming language and can be run on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Last updated on September 15th, 2011
Minecraft Gametype Changer - In this window you can browse through the created worlds.Minecraft Gametype Changer - Here you can visualize the available Minecraft worlds.

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