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A medieval themed backgammon game that comes with various backgammon styles, multiple board designs and beautiful graphics and sounds

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Backgammon is 5000 year-old board game that has been reproduced on almost any existing operating system. Despite its ancient age, backgammon still enjoys great popularity in all countries in the world.

Backgammon Masters is a beautiful Mac OS X game which enables you to play backgammon against the computer AI or online against real opponents. It includes multiple handy features, customization options and a beautiful interface.

Unlike other backgammon games, this one allows you to play online against quite a large community of players. You can even watch online games as they happen. If you can’t find players, you can choose the single-player mode.

The difficulty level is selectable: beginner or intermediate. Users can also select an option to bet cube with AI and choose the number of total matches in a game. Additionally, 5 backgammon types are available: Backgammon, Old English, Tawla, Narde and Nackgammon.

During a game, the board itself comes a great design and displays pretty visual effects. Dices and game pieces have a light reflection effect on them, too. Moreover, moving pieces is really simple; just click on them and then place them with another click to the position you want.

Backgammon Masters also comes with great sound effects for almost any action in the game. Additionally, you can choose your preferred color and toggle the game animation from the Options screen.

It’s also possible to toggle a few extra options, such as auto-roll, auto-bearoff and move confirmation. After playing for a while, you can view detailed statistics of all games in a separate screen.

On the whole, Backgammon Masters has the potential to deliver a great gaming experience to any board game fan. If you’re into backgammon and want to play against real people online, feel free to try the demo version of Backgammon Masters.

Backgammon Masters was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on September 10th, 2015
Backgammon Masters - From Backgammon Masters's main window you can easily start a single or multiplayer game.Backgammon Masters - The Settings window helps you choose the difficulty level and other game settings.Backgammon Masters - Your aim in Backgammon Masters is to remove all of your pieces from the board.Backgammon Masters - screenshot #4

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