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An amusing game where you roll your marble through a rich cartoon landscape full of moving platforms, power-ups and dangerous hazards

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Marble Blast Gold is a fun and entertaining 3D platformer game in which you have to roll your way out of various mazes, complete tasks and jump from one platform to another using various power-ups.

Addictive skill-based arcade game for all ages

Marble Blast Gold offers you full control over a rainbow-colored marble that you need to steer through and over various ramps, platforms and obstacles from a start pad to an end pad without falling off the platform. All levels are filled with hazards in order to increase the difficulty of the game.

Beside controlling the marble spin you can also make it jump over pits and obstacles. With the help of the power-ups spread allover the landscape, you can make your marble fly or perform super jumps. These power-ups might come in handy when you need to complete levels within a qualification time.

Complete all levels within the given time limit and stay at the top of the leaderboard

Your main objective is to finish each level as fast as you can and complete any additional challenges in the specified time frame. Consequently, you’ll have to collect gems before reaching the end pad and find make the most of the grabbed power-ups.

It is worth mentioning that you can hold only one inventory power-up at a time although multiple power-ups can be in effect at the same time, if grabbed and activated before the previous power-up expires. Super Jump, Super Speed, Shock Absorber, Super Bounce and Gyrocopter are self-explanatory inventory power-ups while Time Travel and Gravity Modifier are non-inventory power-ups.

Take advantage of the inventory and non-inventory power-ups to jump over hazards

Thanks to Time Travel, you can freeze the in-game timer and finish the level faster while the Gravity Modifier helps you change the direction of the gravity in different directions.

There are a total of 100 levels, which are grouped according to their difficulty as follows: the first 24 levels are for beginners, the following 24 are intermediate while the last 52 are for advanced players.

The hazards that await in the game range from Trapdoors and Bumpers to Tornadoes, Mines, Oil Slicks and Fans. The friction of the marble on the surface also varies according to the surface you are rolling on.

Marble Blast Gold was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 14th, 2014
Marble Blast GoldMarble Blast GoldMarble Blast Gold - Your objective in this game is to try and reach the end of the level as fast as possible in order to win.Marble Blast Gold - After you finish the level you can view your final score and enter your name if you got a high score.Marble Blast Gold - The game includes gravity changing power-ups that will apply automatically once you touch them.Marble Blast Gold

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